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liK oMg!

Good Morrow!

So today I had a rather frustrating day. Not so much that anything happened to me directly but I couldn't help but observe what was happening around me. I felt like my IQ kept dropping unhealthy amounts in a very short period of time.

There's this girl we call Toaster Strudel in my Psychology class and if I had to describe her the best way would be "fake-and-bake". She's basically your typical teenage girl and oh god does she ever frustrate me. Actually this entry really doesn't have that much to do with the events that took place rather it was more of a combination of things that I've had to put up with over the last few months. Though these things may seem entertaining at first... Eventually they just become quite depressing and I cry myself to sleep when I think about it.

The other day I was standing outside my class waiting for Steven when she goes to open the door. Well the doors are always locked and everyone knows that... Except Toaster Strudel... Because apparently she has super powers ;). Imitation sun gives you the ability to walk through things! Well at least that's what she thought. She attempted to open the door, but when it didn't work she just sort of walked right into it. She looked around all puzzled and shouted "LIKE WHAT THE HELL?!" And started throwing a tantrum. Later in that class I had to listen to her talk about how she's going to be in a pageant and how she can't wait for guys to be drooling over her in two piece. But according to her they already do. The sad thing about that is... It's probably true... It's sexy to be a vapid whore :D! Yes... If I was ever to teach anyone anything... That would be it...

Mmmhmm... Oh yes, the other day our prof asked us what an immune system is and she shouts out "SNEEZING! TEEEHEEEE!" Everyone sort of ignored her... And I wept silently in the corner. Today I wept out loud... Oh yes I did. Prof asks, "Who has been following the US election?" TS replies, "Who the fuck even cares?". I bursted out laughing and Melony looked like she was going to die. She turned around and asked if I was laughing at her. I regret it but I said no... Looking back on it I should have said something witty. Damnit. Oh well... Anyways she asked me why anyone would care about it because it doesn't affect us because we're a different country. I sighed and began to explain to her that our business comes out of there and went on for a couple of minutes. She gave me a blank stare and smiled that stupid smile of hers... "Oh! I guess you're right! I could see why it might be important." ARGH! I know she was making fun of me in her mind. Goddamnit. I hate those looks... When you know the person doesn't give a shit so they sit there and judge you because for some reason it makes them feel better about their meaningless existence.

Ahh... Oh well... At least I won't look like Hulk Hogan in 8-10 years :)

I will now escape into the night... I am going to In Ferno's Bistro. I've never been there... I've actually never gone out for French cuisine before so here's hoping I won't accidentally eat frog legs or something. That's actually my one fear when it comes to food... Frog legs *shudders*. Well anyways... As Tigger says it!



P.S - Skank scab!


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Mar. 20th, 2008 04:25 am (UTC)
I feel so very sad for the world that there are still girls like that out there. also more sad you must deal with her. On a good note, way to not commit murder...yet *thumbs up*
Mar. 25th, 2008 03:54 pm (UTC)
That's right... Yet.. Everyone should watch their backs!
(Deleted comment)
Mar. 25th, 2008 03:49 pm (UTC)
Nooooo! She's no one you know! But she's someone everyone should know just so that we can form a fake-and-bake alliance against her! PAIL SKINS UNITE!
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