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March 25th, 2008

An Endless Loop

Ha cha cha cha cha...

So I should be writing a paper that is already late right now... But I have very little ambition to do so. I am dying for this year to be over. University is just like high school. At least in high school I could get away with anything and everything.

My parents have been on my case about everything lately. I understand where they're coming from, but it's not really like our fighting is getting anyone anywhere so I don't understand what the point of constantly feuding is. Mom and Dad don't want me home passed midnight anymore. Well actually that's what they said last week... I didn't follow that rule because well quite frankly I have the most fun when I'm out and about randomly at 3 am. I have been cutting back the time... Being home at 2 seems a bit more practical, yes? Dad got very furious with me last night for coming home at 1:30 so my new curfew is 11! Oh hurray. Lets see where this one ends up... Soon I'll have to be in bed by 9 ;).

I understand my parents not wanting me to come home at random times... But their main argument is that while I'm driving around so late someone will see me driving and decide to knock me off the road and rape me... Or random gangs will be driving around and gang bang and kill me... Yep. This is their logic, and it confuses me. So after so many pointless arguments Dad finally told me to get out. So apparently my new mission is to move out. I was already planning on doing it but now I have all of the reasons to do so. Steven has been talking about an apartment that he's been looking at, so we'll see where that goes.

As for now, I'm going to enjoy having money that doesn't have to be spent on bills bills bills and more bills. I do believe I'm going to go out and purchase a Wii for myself :)... That is all Kayla wants. Mmm... Brawl when ever I want... Too sweet. Yes yes... too sweet. I'll have to go to the states and find me a copy of Guitar Hero.. It'll be a massive party... A party unlike any other!

Speaking of parties... I am very pumped for tonight! Foo Fighters with the Meltard. It'll be epic... Or as Steven would say... Epix. I feel gay for saying that now... So very ghey. Michael will be at Foo Fighters as well! But he's not joining our Epi(x)c party... He's too cool for us apparently. I will throw moldy sandwiches at him. Just like this time in River East we were having a pep rally or something and someone started throwing sandwiches and other food at this girl Lauren who is quite large and told her to devour everything. I felt really bad for her but at the same time it was incredibly hilarious. "EAT THIS FATTY!" *tosses moldy sandwich* LOL! Oh my god... That reminds me of last night and when I was making burger for Fatty and I blurted out "FATTY WANTS MORE BACON! BACON FOR FATTY!" And I thrusting towards the burger (yes I am the best employee ever) and Fatty turned around and her jowls started flopping everywhere while she started straight at me. I felt kind of bad... But not really... AHAHAHA! Take that woMAN... mrawwww! No... She's nothing... She's an it... It is made of maple... Nothing more... Just maple! Maple queen... Big and fat... Only 300 pounds *dances*.

I am escaping now children! Mwahahaha!




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