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No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no! Mraw! I'm pretty much ready to crawl into a hole and hide away for a few weeks.

I've had enough... I'm good for one thing... That's about it.

I'm done.

An Endless Loop

Ha cha cha cha cha...

So I should be writing a paper that is already late right now... But I have very little ambition to do so. I am dying for this year to be over. University is just like high school. At least in high school I could get away with anything and everything.

My parents have been on my case about everything lately. I understand where they're coming from, but it's not really like our fighting is getting anyone anywhere so I don't understand what the point of constantly feuding is. Mom and Dad don't want me home passed midnight anymore. Well actually that's what they said last week... I didn't follow that rule because well quite frankly I have the most fun when I'm out and about randomly at 3 am. I have been cutting back the time... Being home at 2 seems a bit more practical, yes? Dad got very furious with me last night for coming home at 1:30 so my new curfew is 11! Oh hurray. Lets see where this one ends up... Soon I'll have to be in bed by 9 ;).

I understand my parents not wanting me to come home at random times... But their main argument is that while I'm driving around so late someone will see me driving and decide to knock me off the road and rape me... Or random gangs will be driving around and gang bang and kill me... Yep. This is their logic, and it confuses me. So after so many pointless arguments Dad finally told me to get out. So apparently my new mission is to move out. I was already planning on doing it but now I have all of the reasons to do so. Steven has been talking about an apartment that he's been looking at, so we'll see where that goes.

As for now, I'm going to enjoy having money that doesn't have to be spent on bills bills bills and more bills. I do believe I'm going to go out and purchase a Wii for myself :)... That is all Kayla wants. Mmm... Brawl when ever I want... Too sweet. Yes yes... too sweet. I'll have to go to the states and find me a copy of Guitar Hero.. It'll be a massive party... A party unlike any other!

Speaking of parties... I am very pumped for tonight! Foo Fighters with the Meltard. It'll be epic... Or as Steven would say... Epix. I feel gay for saying that now... So very ghey. Michael will be at Foo Fighters as well! But he's not joining our Epi(x)c party... He's too cool for us apparently. I will throw moldy sandwiches at him. Just like this time in River East we were having a pep rally or something and someone started throwing sandwiches and other food at this girl Lauren who is quite large and told her to devour everything. I felt really bad for her but at the same time it was incredibly hilarious. "EAT THIS FATTY!" *tosses moldy sandwich* LOL! Oh my god... That reminds me of last night and when I was making burger for Fatty and I blurted out "FATTY WANTS MORE BACON! BACON FOR FATTY!" And I thrusting towards the burger (yes I am the best employee ever) and Fatty turned around and her jowls started flopping everywhere while she started straight at me. I felt kind of bad... But not really... AHAHAHA! Take that woMAN... mrawwww! No... She's nothing... She's an it... It is made of maple... Nothing more... Just maple! Maple queen... Big and fat... Only 300 pounds *dances*.

I am escaping now children! Mwahahaha!


liK oMg!

Good Morrow!

So today I had a rather frustrating day. Not so much that anything happened to me directly but I couldn't help but observe what was happening around me. I felt like my IQ kept dropping unhealthy amounts in a very short period of time.

There's this girl we call Toaster Strudel in my Psychology class and if I had to describe her the best way would be "fake-and-bake". She's basically your typical teenage girl and oh god does she ever frustrate me. Actually this entry really doesn't have that much to do with the events that took place rather it was more of a combination of things that I've had to put up with over the last few months. Though these things may seem entertaining at first... Eventually they just become quite depressing and I cry myself to sleep when I think about it.

The other day I was standing outside my class waiting for Steven when she goes to open the door. Well the doors are always locked and everyone knows that... Except Toaster Strudel... Because apparently she has super powers ;). Imitation sun gives you the ability to walk through things! Well at least that's what she thought. She attempted to open the door, but when it didn't work she just sort of walked right into it. She looked around all puzzled and shouted "LIKE WHAT THE HELL?!" And started throwing a tantrum. Later in that class I had to listen to her talk about how she's going to be in a pageant and how she can't wait for guys to be drooling over her in two piece. But according to her they already do. The sad thing about that is... It's probably true... It's sexy to be a vapid whore :D! Yes... If I was ever to teach anyone anything... That would be it...

Mmmhmm... Oh yes, the other day our prof asked us what an immune system is and she shouts out "SNEEZING! TEEEHEEEE!" Everyone sort of ignored her... And I wept silently in the corner. Today I wept out loud... Oh yes I did. Prof asks, "Who has been following the US election?" TS replies, "Who the fuck even cares?". I bursted out laughing and Melony looked like she was going to die. She turned around and asked if I was laughing at her. I regret it but I said no... Looking back on it I should have said something witty. Damnit. Oh well... Anyways she asked me why anyone would care about it because it doesn't affect us because we're a different country. I sighed and began to explain to her that our business comes out of there and went on for a couple of minutes. She gave me a blank stare and smiled that stupid smile of hers... "Oh! I guess you're right! I could see why it might be important." ARGH! I know she was making fun of me in her mind. Goddamnit. I hate those looks... When you know the person doesn't give a shit so they sit there and judge you because for some reason it makes them feel better about their meaningless existence.

Ahh... Oh well... At least I won't look like Hulk Hogan in 8-10 years :)

I will now escape into the night... I am going to In Ferno's Bistro. I've never been there... I've actually never gone out for French cuisine before so here's hoping I won't accidentally eat frog legs or something. That's actually my one fear when it comes to food... Frog legs *shudders*. Well anyways... As Tigger says it!



P.S - Skank scab!


Never know how much I love you! Never know how much I care! When you put your arms around me I get a fever that's so hard to bear. You give me fever when you kiss me, fever when you hold me tight.


I'm in a very jazzy mood right now. Ah yes... It feels oh so good.

Does anyone know of any jazz clubs around? I know of some but most people tell me they're very slummy... I really would love nothing more than to sit around and listen to really awesome jazz bands. Oh yes... You hear that Steven? Very soon... Very soon.

It'd be fun to randomly go swing dancing as well! It always looks like so much fun. Perhaps one of these days I will be adventurous and try it out :D!

Yes yes, I am feeling strangely optimistic today. It's very strange because I've been having on and off feuds with my mother all day. But apparently Ella Fitzgerald made those bad feelings disappear! All I need is a Steven to be here enjoying it with me... Perhaps I could even get him to dance with me! Mwahahaha *devilish laugh*

I do believe I am going to take off now though... I have some psychology that needs attention.




Hello Kids!

So basically I've been away from my computer for about a week so I haven't really had time to update my journal! So much has been happening in the last little while so I'm not really sure where to begin.

Last week was my birthday which means I'm finally 19! Honestly 19 seems like a dull number... I think I was more content with 18... 20 seems more ultimate though.

Monday night I probably had the greatest night of my life! I got a hotel room with Steven (my boyfriend) and Melony! It was wonderful. Everything in the world makes so much more sense to me now... I feel like I actually have a purpose. I also realized that I have the greatest friends in the world and I love them so much! I wouldn't even know how to explain how wonderful they are. Steven = greatest man ever! Srsly ;)

So anyways that's really all I want to say right now because unfortunately I ate some bad chicken and I'm feeling a little nauseous so I think I'm going to sleep now!

Here's a little quiz thingy that I decided would be fun to do... It worked out alright!


1. Open iTunes, or whatever you use for your mp3's.

2. Put Music on random shuffle and Start a song, then hit next and fill in the first one...

2. Repeat...

3. Don't cheat.

30 Seconds to Mars - The Mission

The Shins - So Says I

Blue Man Group - Piano Smasher

Elliot Smith - Sweet Adeline

Audioslave - Wide Awake

Audioslave - The Curse

Foo Fighters - Up in Arms

I Mother Earth - Meat Dreams

Amon Tobin - One Day in My Garden

The Clash - Robber Dub

Von Bondies - Tell Me What You See

The Clash - Mustapha Dance

The Streets - Geezers Need Excitment

U2 - The First Time

The Beastie Boys - And Me

Blur - Caramel

Bye bye,

She's Almost 19...


What a wonderful day for everything...! I'm in a ridiculously good mood today :)! How come you may ask? Well I've had the most amazing week... I'm very sad to see it end. My parents went out of town so I've been spending a copious amount of time with Steven. Last night was my one night without him and I felt kind of lonesome... On the plus side I did get to sprawl out everywhere and I didn't have to sleep in fear of getting a punch in the face! :D

Another reason for my good mood is because I am throwing myself a birthday bash tonight... Aaaa-yeah! I'm pretty pumped. Hopefully things don't get too destroyed in my house since the parents are coming home tomorrow and I won't have lots of time to clean up before work.

So right now I'm sitting in my psychology class and a fun fact - You show more emotion on the left side of your face. This left brain/right brain thing is bringing me back to my horrible "Skills for Independent Living" class in grade nine. My teacher was obsessed with it and he'd always tell me that I'm right brained and give me bonus marks. I mean... I'm not one to complain about bonus marks... But all I had to do was doodle on a piece of paper and he'd get all excited and tell me that I'm artistic. Oh Mr. Wolf... Such a strange, misguided man.

Dear lord... I can't stop coughing. I'm pretty positive Melony gave me the mAIDS! Damn it... I'm going to escape from class and find me some tea! Mmm overly priced tea...

Hasta luego!




I am returned!

I actually feel pretty sweet posting again. Though I probably should have started on a day where I actually had something impressive to say. But what's not impressive about me writing an entry? I know. I know. You don't have to applaud.

It's been about a year since I last spilled out my brains for the world to see. Too much has happened since then so I'll just slowly introduce myself back to the land of the internet (what the fuck's an internet?). Perhaps I'll share a little bit right now... Perhaps...

I'm currently going to the U of W and I'm pretty sure it's a waste of money right now. I have no idea what I want to do with my life so I'm just sort of coasting unfortunately. Next year I'm probably going to the U of M to take management courses because I've been seriously considering opening a wonderful alternative bar with my buddies. It's a dream that I hope will come true... But for now only time will tell.

So that's all I have to say right now because my brain seems to be far more focused on reading Joy Division lyrics. I'll be seeing you all soon though ;)


-Alyak Pook



Well kids, I bet you're all expecting me to talk about my wonderful trip to Greece... But now is not the time. I'm far too lazy to think about anything. 

But I do want to know what to get for my boyfriend for his birthday....

He likes South Park.. Kevin Smith... Family Guy... Simpsons... He's a pretty cool dude... >_> Any ideas? 

I'm thinking order something wickedly awesome online... But I have no clue what it should be. Cathie... I'm actually looking at you for advice because you like awesome things and have ideas :O! 


Well I'm off now! 



Suckaz! I'm totally gone in less than 48 hours, so this will be my entry before I go!

I will miss all of you! Believe me... Spring break without some of you :O... Oh boy... How am I going to live? :O:O:O Mwahahahahaha! Anyways... I don' tknow what to say other then... I'LL BE IN GREECE! 

I had too much beer....

Bai everyone! Talk to you in two weeks! XD!


P.S - Snake killing Mario makes me happy for some reason....

Wonderful [To]Night

Hello Y'all!

I just had the most amazing night with the most amazing man. Weeheheheh...

Yes yes... so Kayla's not exactly a single woman anymore. It lasted longer than everyone thought it would! So be proud.

I wasn't exactly hoping to end up in another relationship, but I couldn't let this one go.. So hurray for everything!

And yes... this was my amazing entry of amazingness...

I suppose I can say a bit more... My mom had a fundraising social thing. It was pretty spectacular! I got to hang out with my soccer pals... and of course Matt <3 (emo heart). So t'was a good time. Teener... I'm sad that you won't be 18 for a year :(. I'll have to stay out of those strip clubs and save them for you and me ;).


Anywho... That's about all I have to say. I'm a pretty happy woman right now. Hurray for Jamie!